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JBI acquires Western Millwork Inc

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Very exciting news to share with everyone. Western Millwork Inc. is now JBI Interiors LLC dba Western Millwork!

Scott Mallory, President of JBI says, "the combination of JBI and Western Millwork is more than a strategic transaction, it is a commitment to all of our customers, suppliers and employees that we will continue to position our organization as the market leader for the benefit of all stakeholders. We believe our quality, teamwork and communication will continue to separate us from the pack as we continue our journey in pursuit of excellence."

We are thrilled about the future, and with over 94 years of total company history, we're sure you will be too! Take a look at our combined expertise, locations, and strengthened capacity.

Western Millwork is an AWI and WI Premium Grade certified manufacturer and installer of Custom Architectural Millwork and Commercial Interior Elements. Since 1980, we have produced architectural woodwork and casework of the highest quality for contractors and architects throughout the Southwest and West Coast.

JBI's mission is to provide smarter ways of creating quality interiors for our valued clients so they can be more successful in delivering brand enhancing experiences to their valued customers. JBI believes in the power of brilliantly manufactured environments. Environments that are crafted in true partnership with our clients to provide their customers with an experience that is recognized, revered and remembered. Environments that don’t just help build brands and bottom-lines, but enduring relationships.

Contact us for more information at (602) 233-1921

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